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Trouble at School

'The book on bully proofing your child!'

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£6.99 (exclusive author signed copy)
P&P £2.99 UK Only

Website Only Special Offer:


Order today to get an author signed copy with a special message to your little one. Simply specify your message after checkout

Explore my first book on Anxiety Control...
Snuffleump: Lost in the Forest

"What a wonderful book!

I love reading it to my boys. It addresses such important topics/ideas in a sweet endearing story. My children love the illustrations and regularly choose the book from the shelf."

Jess C

Bought a copy for my grandchildren. Great Book! Thanks Neil :) 

T Morris

Snuffleump: Lost in the Forest

£6.99 (exclusive author signed copy)
P&P £2.99 UK only

Snuffleump is a playful and inquisitive creature, who lives in a land full of adventure.  

But one day, his carefree nature leads him deep into the forest, where he finds himself hopelessly lost and alone.  


Can he learn how to control his worries and find his way

safely home? 

Written by psychotherapist Neil Sunley, Snuffleump will trigger the imagination of young children as they learn how our hero deals with being suddenly lost and alone. 


Children will learn how to control any negative situation, by learning the importance of clear thinking achieved through calmness. 


Parents, feel confident that this positive bedtime story will build children’s self-esteem and resilience.

Website Exclusive Offer...


Order today and get an author signed copy of the book addressed to your special one! Simply specify your message after checkout.

Publisher: Troubador Publishing 
ISBN: 9781800463523 
Number of pages: 32 paperback
Dimensions: 216 x 216mm



"Such a lovely book! Fun for children all ages, with a real meaning to take away"

L Johnson


"Brilliant story with clear life lessons in place yet set in a nice manner for kids to understands and digest along with lovable characters. My daughter loved it and said it’s so cute and shows what happens if you stay calm and keep trying. Very happy with the purchase"

John Smales

"I highly recommend Snuffleump. It’s a fabulous children’s book - fun and educational..."

Stephen Chadwick

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